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January 16, 2015

Nuts, Nuts and More Nuts-Creative Goals for 2015

My life seems like it is full of NUTS, especially my craft room.  What are NUTS  you say?  NUTS are N.U.T.S......Nagging Unfinished TaskS.  Like many of you I feel a bit buried under the craft projects I have started but failed to finished.

So I have dubbed 2015 the year of the NUTS.  I plan on finishing all of my unfinished projects before moving on to new ones.  At least that is the plan.

The list is long but I am confident I will be successful. (That could just be the wine talking, but I think I can make it.)

2015 Crafting Projects to Complete

Scrapbooking Projects:
  • 2011 Yearly Review Album
  • 2012 Yearly Review Album
  • 2013 Yearly Review Album
  • 2014 Yearly Review Album
  • Karate Album
  • Elementary School Album
  • 2014 Holiday Album
  • 2005 Christmas Album
  • 2013 Christmas Album
  • Christmas Elf Album
  • Halloween Album
  • Black Belt Album
  • Baby album for my sister.
  • 2014 Summer Album
Home Decor:
  • Family letters for living room.
  • Fireplace frame.
  • Family established plaque.
  • Project Inspiration, plus hang ATC holders on wall in craft room.
  • Flower pot inspiration.
  • Entryway frames for tag art.
  • Supply purge.  I try to do this annually or every other year. (This will be a big purge this time around.  The type and style of crafting I am doing at this time has changed.  While I love the grungy, vintage look I need to make room for supplies that are bright and fun for my scrapbook pages.)
  • Mini re-org.  I need to find homes for a few new supplies plus create a plan for finishing all of projects.
Whew it is good to see the whole list.  Thankfully many of the albums are almost done, with only journaling remaining.  Imagine that!  I really need to suck it up and finish that task.  I may be using a lot of quotes this year. (Note to self: quotes are the easy way out.  Suck it up and tell the story.)

On Thursdays I will be posting my progress.  Check out our blog schedule for more information.  

Of course starting a new blog was also high on this year's list of goals.  I encourage you to take a look around.  We would love it if you became a follower.

Interested in learning more about setting creative goals and getting rid of your NUTS? (OK, that sounds a bit painful.)  Check out my Time Management for the Creative Soul workshop.

50 Challenges in 2015

Here at Everyday Moodlings we take using our stashes very seriously.  Hey....I started a whole blog on the top.  But then, everyone has a blog.

So we decided to start a Facebook group dedicated to using what we have on hand.  WOW!  That was really thinking outside the box. :)

If you would like an extra push to start using all of those supplies you are hiding from your husband, then join us.  I will be posting a new challenge each week starting on January 19th.

Then together we can post our ideas, inspiration and completed projects.  It will be fun.....I promise!  Join the 50 Challenges in 2015 Facebook group.

Now it is your turn.  What nuts do you have laying around?


  1. Way to go! Good for you - you can do it! One of my goals is to take the class I won from Craft Classes Online! Looking forward to seeing some new classes! If you're looking for ideas - I would love to see something on cardmaking trends, like stencils using inks or embossing paste, etc. Or distress ink backgrounds - anything trendy right now would be perfect - I love the trends! Or how about a colouring class using Prismacolor pencils. There are lots of Copic colouring classes around, but I haven't seen any for pencils yet. Can't wait to see what your new classes will be! Shirley has extended the deadline for me to take the class until the end of February.

    1. Hi KT,
      We do have a lot of new classes planned for 2015....starting in February. Including classes on stencils and backgrounds. I am sure you will find something to peak your interest. :)


  2. My NUTS are too many to list, as I just started scrapbooking and card making about a year and a half ago and have a lifetime to catch up on! (And that's 2 kids, 5 grandkids, a great career, and lots of travel later!) I do, however, have a plan for the new year. To keep on top of things and not get caught with too many NUTS, I have a goal for each day of the week: Monday is Merry Christmas (cards for next year and scrapbooking past years); Tuesday is Tons of Cards (any kind) and Travel (scrapbooking); Wednesday is Wishing You a Happy Birthday (cards for the next few weeks and layouts); Thursday is Thank You (cards and layouts of memorable moments with friends); Friday is Family (totally scrapbooking); Saturday is "Sale-able" (pre-made scrapbooks for future sales); and Sunday is Surprise (whatever's left over). So far, so good!

    1. Margaret,
      What a wonderful idea to have a theme for each day. I may have to 'steal' that. Thanks for sharing. It is a bit daunting to look at a lifetime of photos and figure out a way forward. I applaud you for beginning the journey. I have been scrapbooking for 14 years and I still have boxes of old photos to work with. What! That was probably not helpful. :)

      Maybe that will be my goal for next year.

  3. I have two nuts - get my craft house organized and get crafting seriously again. Yes my craft house, I am bedridden and my craft stash is all over my house and I have no control. Have started with the process, but very slow going as I have to have help, but slow and steady will get there. And I had not been crafting for a very long time due to illness and when I began again some well meaning words of encouragement like "you are so behind the times now" and "you will need to first get all new supplies and take classes before you do anything" slashed my already very low confidence right down. But I have down I lot of card set and also some handmade flower brooches for Christmas gifts and got a lot of compliments. So I just need to get back in the saddle! And I know this is the place to do it!

    1. I try to remember that people generally have good intentions. (Not always successful at this, but I try.) I have things in my stash that are over 10 years old. So I guess I need to catch up too. Or I could just say...who cares and do what works for me. (I would probably have a few choice words for them too....but I am keeping it clean today.) I wish you luck on your endeavors and I cannot wait to see what you create this year. And know I will always keep it positive. The point is to be creative nothing more, nothing less.