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January 29, 2015

FREE Workshop from Craft Classes Online

Become an Ink Expert!

Ink: It is most likely a part of your crafting supply arsenal. Those lovely colors on little pads ready and waiting for your next crafting whim. There are several kinds of basic and specialty inks, but which is best to use for which project? What is the best way to clean your tools after using ink? How do you store the ink pads?

Come join Jeri Parks and Shirley Pando of Craft Classes Online (CCO) for this FREE course to find out some of the "Ink Essentials" you really need to know so you can be confident in your ink choices and be ready for your next project.

Each lesson includes ink basics, cleaning, storage, and projects for the following types of ink:

  • Lesson 1: Dye Ink
  • Lesson 2: Chalk Ink
  • Lesson 3: Pigment Ink
  • Lesson 4: Solvent Ink

By the end of this workshop you will:
  • Know which type of ink is best to use for your project.
  • Know how to clean your tools after using inks.
  • Know how to properly store your ink pads.
  • Create two projects using each type of ink.
Bonus information includes tips for organizing your ink pads!

All lessons are open and available on Wednesday, January 28th, for immediate access. 

Enter your email address below and enroll in our free workshop, Ink Essentials.  Designed to make you an ink expert, so you can be confident in your ink choices and never question your stamping skills again. (And maybe even get you to share your work with others.)

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