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January 19, 2015

50 Challenges in 2015

Everyday Moodlings: 50 Challenges in 2015

We've got a challenge for you!
In December we ask you to complete a brief survey regarding what you wanted us to blog about.  We were overwhelmed by the response.  (Our readers rock!  And I promise that will be last time I use that slightly lame statement.  Ok, it is more than slightly lame.  But still you guys rock.)

We learned so much from your responses. Not surprisingly most of you wanted more tips, techniques, videos and inspiration.  Who wouldn't want that?  We plan on spending the next 12 months trying to live up to your expectations.

For the past two years we have also provided you with weekly challenges to inspire you to use the products you have on hand.  While the challenges were not as popular as the tips, techniques and videos, many of you still wanted that extra push.

Shirley and I wanted to find a way to allow only those who wanted challenges to participate.  We were also looking for a way to create a greater sense of camaraderie.  A support group if you will.  A place where we could share our work, questions, ideas and more.  Or just complain about our lack of time to complete the challenges. :)

After looking at all of the options we choose to create a Facebook group.  Every Monday, starting on January 26th, we will post a challenge for the week.  Just like last year the challenges will consist of products and/or techniques.  Then on Tuesdays we will post our tips, techniques and inspiration here on the Everyday Moodlings blog.

Looking for more?
If you want even more ideas and inspiration I encourage you to subscribe to our process videos.

Subscribe below and we will send you our weekly video, full of ideas on this week's topic.  And the best part....it will come right to your inbox. :)

We Still Need Your Input
Of course we already have a list of topics in mind....but we would also like your input.  What products or techniques would you like us to talk about?  You can post them below or, better yet, join our Facebook group and post them to the group.

Shirley and I will do our best to incorporate your suggestions. I am certain this will lead to some good laughs as we are certainly not experts in all things crafty.  But that is part of the fun....we get to learn right along with you.  And if there is one think I know about our readers (other than they rock) it is that they are always willing to share their own tips and suggestions.  Every more reason to join our new Facebook group.

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  1. Not everyone does facebook! I'm so sick and tired of so many craft companies thinking everyone does facebook so that's the way they go these days. Guess I'll be unsubscribing from everything to do with Craft Classes online since it appears you're going that way, too.

    1. Suzy,

      We are NOT moving to Facebook, just accommodating our customers that enjoy using that medium. The challenges will also be posted here and in our newsletter. Sorry to hear that you no longer want to participate.

  2. I am not into facebook much either. Looking forward to your weekly videos - I just signed up. Also waiting for your new classes!

    1. Thanks for signing up. Even if you do not spend time on Facebook, there are plenty of other ways to join the fun. :)

  3. I do facebook but also signed up for email...just so I don't miss anything,,,LOL...looking forward to the challenges. Thanks for hosting

    1. So glad you decided to join us....I think it will be a great (and more importantly) and product year. I hope to lose tons of nuts this year. :)