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Ink Essentials

July 18, 2016

Blog Vacation

One of things I love about my job is that I have flexibility. Sometimes life gets in the way and I need to step back for a bit. 'Life' reared its ugly head this week as we are dealing with a family illness.

So we will be taking a blog break until the fall. We will still be posting challenges on our Facebook page for you to work on and maybe a blog post here and there, but no regular posting. We look forward to seeing you on the flip side.

Jeri and Shirley

July 13, 2016

Early Enrollment Special ends today on my brand new Color Inspiration workshop!

By the end of this workshop, students will clearly understand the best practices for stamping, stenciling, coloring and mixed media techniques using water-soluble crayons.

Read on for full description.

July 12, 2016

Crafty Challenge #24: Recycled or Unusual Item + Book Cover

Challenge #24 Recycled or Unusual Item + Book Cover
Hey crafter's! Shirley Pando here for Crafty Challenge #24. In this week's challenge let's use something recycled in or for our project. Maybe you will use a piece of cardboard as a mixed media surface or a kitchen sponge as a tool for dabbing on paint. 

Me? I'm using a surface that is quite unusual for crafting. Tyvek! 

July 07, 2016

Tips for Making Your Stamps 'Fit'

Have you ever felt frustrated because you have the perfect stamp....but it is the wrong size?  Then this blog post is for you.

Yesterday I posted my project for our latest challenge.....HOME.  In that project I resized one of my Dylusions stamps to make it fit my project.

Keep reading to learn how to re-size your stamps.

Yes....your surface really does matter.

June is the month of vacations and this year our family joined the fun.  We traveled to the state of South Dakota (not far from where I grew up) for some down time.

We visited Mt. Rushmore and Devil's Tower.  We even stayed in a cabin with no Wi-Fi or T.V.  That's roughen it for us. :)

But as our week long adventure came to end I found myself longing for home.  This is a normal feeling for me.

Traveling with an autoimmune disease can be an adventure all on its own.  Trying to make sure I get enough rest and eat the right food so that I do not become sick is a full time job....even when I am at home.  Doing it while on vacation should get me some kind of award. :)

So that leads to this week's challenge.....HOME. Read on to see what I created.

June 21, 2016

Crafty Challenge #22: Take One Step AND Begin a Journaling Practice

Crafty Challenge #22 Take One Step
Hey crafty gang! Shirley Pando here. This week's challenge is to TAKE ONE STEP to doing something creative that you've always wanted to do. In other words, one step toward a goal. What does that mean? I am sure it looks different for all of us. 

Maybe you've always loved background techniques but want to become more proficient. You may want to start learning and/or practicing some new techniques. 

Maybe you've always wanted to take better photographs, so you may want to sign up for a photography course or start taking more photos. 

And maybe, just maybe, you want to start reorganizing your supplies because you cannot find anything any more! Ouch..I think we can all relate to that one! 

Whatever you would love to do or learn, TAKE ONE STEP this week. Keep reading for more inspiration....

June 17, 2016

Displaying my Artwork.....Plus my April Tim Holtz Tag

It is time for the April Tim Holtz tag....no wait, it's June.  Hmmmmm.  Well let's pretend it is April.  I said it was my goal this year to complete all 12 tags.  But I never said WHEN I would complete them. :)

Earlier this week I shared my June tag and my struggles with completing this challenge.  While I did enjoy the grungy, vintage look at one time my style has now changed and evolved.

I decided to stop trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole with this tag.  I used the mosaic technique he shared, but went my own way with the rest of the tag and I am much happier with there result.

Read on to see how I created this tag and learn how I display my tags so they continue to inspire me.

June 16, 2016

Crafty Challenge #21-Using Leftovers/Tim Holtz 2016 June Tag

So the Tim Holtz June 2016 tag has posted and I finally have a few minutes to complete my version and post a brand new challenge.

This week I decided I wanted to use one of my leftover tags.  These tag backgrounds are created then I clean up stencils or as classroom samples.  I have a BUNCH of them and finally pulled one out to use.

No doubt you have some of these 'leftovers' too.  Your challenge this week is to use them. 

Read on to see what I created.

June 08, 2016

Spring 2016 Re-Cap

Hey fellow craft lovers.  Shirley and I are taking a bit of break this week as we wrap up the spring semester and get ready for the summer semester.

It seemed like a perfect time to do a quick spring re-cap.  This spring we explored gesso, resists, tape transfers and PanPastels.  We challenged you to use new items, old items and find inspiration in the world around you.  Shirley and I shared our creative goals and accomplishments.  We hope you have enjoyed the journey.

Before we turn our attention to the summer, we have one last challenge for you. This week's challenge is to use a product or technique you love.  

Read on to learn what projects and posts we LOVED from the spring semester.